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    A leaky roof can cause significant damage to your personal belongings, and the overall structural integrity of your home. Some missing shingles can become a new home for bugs. Cracked or broken roof shingles can hold onto moisture, where mold can grow. Burnt materials from a lightning strike can compromise the structural integrity of your roof and require maintenance or full replacement.

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    At Elbaz Construction, our team of experienced, professional roofing technicians are skilled at tracking down the source of the damage and implementing a reliable, effective fix. When building new, you want to ensure you’re building it right. We understand the specific demands and priorities you and your builders face when bringing your new home to life. That’s why our team of roofing technicians and contractors keep to your schedule and work with your needs. We want you to love your new house and that starts with the roof. Elbaz Construction offers a wide variety of roofing types designed to look exceptional, protect your property, and handle the weather of our region. We understand that choosing the perfect roof solution can seem daunting. You can Count On us to help.

    While your home will eventually require a new roof after about 20-30 years, this is not always the most cost-effective solution, especially if your existing roof is only in need of a minor repair. Keeping up with repairs will save you money in the long run by ensuring that the interior of your home is protected and will extend the life of your roof.

    Signs that you may need a repair:

    Shingles that are curled, cracked, or missing
    Shingles that are dark, dirty, or wet
    Shingle granules found in your gutters
    Visible wear and tear
    Leaks in your attic

    Waterproofing Repairs

    If you are experiencing water leaking through your roof you may want to consider a waterproofing treatment. Waterproofing can be accomplished with a variety of materials. In recent years liquid membranes have become quite popular, due to their efficiency and low environmental impact. Some of the best materials for this method include:


    Most coatings come in the form of a white color which is reflective, which will redirect UV radiation while simultaneously reducing the temperature of the roof.
    Put your trust in our experienced technicians for effective roof repair services today.

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